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Web Ninja Shopify Connector

Get your accounting data linked to your Shopify store by the Ninjas.



Webninja Shopify Connector



Business is better with integration

永久免费AV无码网站No need for duplication of stock creation, maintenance & order re-keying. Simply add your data through your accounting software and let Web Ninja do the rest. Web Ninja integrates to your accounting software making your products available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

永久免费AV无码网站Whether you just want to start simple and only keep stock levels and prices up to date in your webstore while automatically receiving the orders into your accounting software, or you want to look at a more customised data mapping system, Web Ninja can help.




Map your accounting data to these Shopify fields:

SKU / Product name & Description


 Stock Level / Inventory Availability

Product images




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